The hype is real. It's official folks, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is only 100 days away at the time of writing, launching on the Nintendo Switch on May 12th, 2023.

We're obviously very excited here at Nintendo Life, and we have lots of hopes and dreams as to what we'd like to see from the direct sequel, including which elements should be brought over from Breath of the Wild, and which should perhaps be left just where they are.

For a deeper discussion into what we're hoping Nintendo brings us with Tears of the Kingdom, the lovely video chaps (Felix, Alex, and Zion) have put together a video with their thoughts. The trio dive into whether the game will be the 'Majora's Mask' of the Breath of the Wild narrative, whether or not Korok Seeds make a return, and just how "sad" the story will actually end up being.

Be sure to give the video a watch (or even just a listen!) when you're able, but make sure you're off the clock - it's a little over half an hour in length!

So what do you think Tears of the Kingdom will bring to the Zelda franchise? Which elements from Breath of the Wild should be kept, and which should be chucked in the trash? Let us know!