The Good Life 1

Publisher PLAYISM has announced that The Good Life, the detective RPG set in a small English town from renowned video game director and writer Swery, is getting DLC on 9th March (via Gematsu).

Announcing the news on Twitter, 'Behind the secret of Rainy Woods' will see you returning to the cosy village of Rainy Woods as Naomi and will add 12 brand new sidequests. Swery, the head of the developer White Owls, also shared the announcement, saying "The content will delve into the secrets of RW that were not fully discussed in the main game".

Here's a brief summary of the DLC from its Steam page:

Elizabeth is alive, and no one remembers what happened in the GODDAMN HELLHOLE that is Rainy Woods. It’s time to find out what’s really going on… And maybe enjoy some time in the countryside along the way.

Take on a slew of new side quests from the residents of Rainy Woods and come across some new faces along the way. Help them learn photography! Cook together! Set up secret dates! Save someone’s life…?

Well it’s time for Naomi to put that drink aside and put on her journalism hat once again!

This downloadable content includes 12 new side quests, with many secrets left to uncover… Let’s peek a bit further behind the curtain of Rainy Woods shall we?

Behind the secret of Rainy Woods is the first piece of DLC for The Good Life, which launched back in October 2021. The main game sees New York journalist Naomi Hayward out of her depth in a small English village. She's sent there to investigate the town, take photographs, and discovers that the people there can turn into cats and dogs. Oh, and she has a £30,000,000 debt.

Did you enjoy The Good Life when it came out? Will you be picking up the DLC when it launches on 9th March? Prowl on down to the comments and let us know.

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