Sports Story
Image: Sidebar Games

Update [Sat 25th Feb, 2023 03:05 GMT]: The Version 1.0.5 update for Sports Story is now live. Developer Sidebar Games says more updates are coming soon:

Original [Wed 22nd Feb, 2023 02:55 GMT]:

The indie title Sports Story didn't get off to the best start last year when it was shadow-dropped. Since then, Sidebar Games has been working hard to deliver a number of fixes. With this in mind, Version 1.0.5 will be arriving in the near future.

The patch notes for this update have already been released, and what's interesting is there are even more changes to the "Secret Dev Room" listed. Here's the full rundown:

Sports Story - Version 1.0.5 (Available Soon)

Secret Dev Room

  • Secret Dev Room 80% Removed.
  • Secret Dev Room secret access patched.
  • Restored regular access to the secret dev room.


  • Fixed a fishing bug that made the player float into the air.
  • Updated context for Wildlands trash challenge.
  • Some multiplayer golfing issues have been addressed
  • Fixed a few places the player could become stuck while exploring
  • Save file load muddling issue fixed.
  • Perfect golf hits are rewarded with a distinctive sound.
  • Golf power shot hits a bit further.
  • Rustling Vale chipping challenges will stick around after leaving the area.

We reached out to the developer Sidebar Games last month about the Secret Dev Room updates and received back the following response:

"Unfortunately we are unable to comment on the origins of the secret dev room. Efforts are being made to remove it from the game but it has proved difficult due to the way the game is programmed."

When this patch is released, we'll let you know.