This week marks the return of Bandai Namco's epic JRPG Tales of Symphonia. It started out in the early 2000s on the GameCube and now many years later has received a remaster.

We posted our Switch review earlier this week on Nintendo Life awarding the title 6 out of 10 stars. As much as we love this classic, it feels a bit light on the remaster side of things and is starting to show its age - especially on a platform like Switch which already has a stack of other great RPGs.

So that's our opinion, but what about the rest? To help give you a better idea of what to expect of this remaster whether you're a first-time player or a newcomer here's a round up of just some of the critic reviews doing the rounds online:

A review from our colleagues at Push Square gave it 7 out of 10 - mentioning how this RPG was still just as charming years later, even if the remaster itself was underdone:

"Close to two decades later, Tales of Symphonia Remastered is a reminder of how neatly crafted the original GameCube and PS2 title was. Barring a few rough edges, this is still a great action RPG, full of charm and character. The only real downside is that the remaster itself leaves a lot to be desired."

Despite encountering a number of bugs and even some crashes, Hardcore Gamer awarded it 4 out of 5:

"Tales of Symphonia is still one of the biggest highlights in the series...What hurts is that this remastered version has glaring issues that need to be fixed. It’s far from making it impossible to recommend, in fact we still absolutely would for those who haven’t ever played it before, but without autosave and with multiple recorded crashes experienced, it’s hard to tell people to run out and pick it up immediately without proper patches to work out the bigger issues here."

The team at Noisy Pixel gave it 6 out of 10, calling it the "worst version" of the beloved classic. Ouch!

"Tales of Symphonia is a brilliant action JRPG that set a precedent for the genre. Even all these years later, its engrossing storytelling, vast array of side activities, character interaction, and layers of combative options all coalesce to make it a must-experience adventure. Yet, as a remaster, this specific release fails to hit the mark, ultimately providing a lackluster and disappointing resurgence that could have been so much more."

Spanish website Nintenderos was a lot more generous with the scoring, giving it 8 out of 10, but also felt it didn't achieve much as a remaster:

"Tales of Symphonia Remastered remains the legendary Japanese RPG that it was from the start. Thus, it is an outstanding work with an edition that hardly adds anything new except its availability on modern consoles. If you have not been able to play this game until now, this is a good opportunity to do so, but if you have already done it and you remember it well, there is not much reason to return to the adventure once more."

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