It's not every day you see someone applying video game skills to real life, but last year this actually happened when NASCAR racer Ross Chastain recreated a move from the GameCube title NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup to secure the final qualifying spot for the championship.

While it was quite an impressive feat at the time, NASCAR has now released its new rules modifications for the 2023 season - stating how this "thrilling" stunt came with "an increased safety risk" - as well as compromising the safety of competitors, officials and spectators.

Instead of creating new rules, NASCAR will simply be reinforcing existing rules when it comes to maneuvers like the one Chastain pulled off:

Chastain’s dash around Turns 3 and 4 at Martinsville Speedway last October made for a enthralling finish as the No. 1 Chevrolet gained five positions in one set of corners, earning enough points to advance to the Championship 4.

While the move was thrilling and largely lauded for its creativity, it also came with an increased safety risk. NASCAR will not add new language to the rule book but instead point to rule, which states: “Safety is a top priority for NASCAR and NEM (NASCAR Event Management). Therefore, any violations deemed to compromise the safety of an Event or otherwise pose a dangerous risk to the safety of Competitors, Officials, spectators, or others are treated with the highest degree of seriousness. Safety violations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.”

Any drivers who attempt wall-riding in the future will be issued with a time penalty. You can get a recap in the video footage:

Have you ever pulled off any crazy stunts like this in a racing game before? Comment below.

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