Publisher Feardemic has released a new video showcasing its upcoming line-up of games for 2023, and there are a few Switch titles in there to keep an eye on.

As of the time of writing, only one of the games has a release window attached to it, with the remainder slated to appear at some point in 2023. Still, it's nice to know horror fans will be well and truly catered for in the coming months!

Let's take a quick peek at each game coming to Switch...

Remorse: The List - February 2023

"Remorse: The List is a survival horror in the classic sense, with open gameplay, an inventory, and combat. Explore the creepy, dark suburbs of Hidegpuszta and find out what secrets lie within. Your only clue? A mysterious list. Make sense of the cryptic document, use your head to solve the puzzles, and use both melee and ranged weapons to solve problems of a little more… aggressive nature. Count your bullets though, there’s even less of them than your blessings."

Nightmare Reaper - 2023

"Progress through the cursed depths of a nightmare while gathering an arsenal of powerful weapons and improving your abilities along the way. This retro-inspired FPS with looter shooter and rogue-lite elements breaches the wall between classic and modern gameplay."

Project Nightmares - 2023

"Project Nightmares is a survival horror game with a procedural structure, creating unique scares every time you play. A machine will induce you into a dream state, throwing you into a living nightmare firsthand in order to discover the story of Henrietta Kedward, an old woman with a dark past."

Burnhouse Lane - 2023

"From Harvester Games, the makers of The Cat Lady (2012), Downfall (2016) and Lorelai (2019), comes a brand new horror experience that will not only take you to some truly dark places but will also make you smile and cry and question life and all the things we take for granted. This is a story about death, friendship and everlasting hope that no matter how bad things get there is always a reason to go on.

"Burnhouse Lane mixes elements of classic adventure games, choose-your-own-story (Telltale's The Walking Dead series) with light survival horror shooting mechanics inspired by Silent Hill and Resident Evil series where ammo is sparse, enemies hit hard and every shot counts."

No Son of Mine - 2023

"No Son Of Mine is a survival horror game focused on combat, stealth, exploration, puzzle-solving, and uncovering a gruesome mystery. Your job is to find the truth before HE finds you."

The video also highlights a couple of games that are already available on Switch: Papetura and Buddy Simulator 1984.

We'll have more information on release dates in due course, but in the meantime, let us know in the comments which of these games, if any, take your fancy!