Mario Movie Peach Cameo
Image: Nintendo Life

If there's one thing that we are quickly learning about The Super Mario Bros. Movie, it's that it is set to be absolutely packed with Easter eggs and callbacks.

The latest Super Bowl trailer wore this sentiment on its sleeve, remaking the original theme song from 1989's Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and bringing the references by the bucketload (seriously, check out the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing website to see how many there are). One callback that a few people have pointed to online (though it is yet to be confirmed) is a cameo from the Super Show itself as there are claims that the latest trailer features none other than Jeannie Elias (voice actor for Princess Toadstool).

As we say, this is all speculation at the moment, but listen carefully to the voice of the distressed customer (we've timestamped the moment below) and see if it rings any bells.

We must say, that certainly sounds like Princess Toadstool, but there is every chance that we are mistaken (after all, people can sound the same). This being said, the green eyes, purple eye shadow, and ginger hair are all pointing towards something particularly Toadstool-y about this customer which surely can't be a coincidence, right?

We have reached out for comment to a couple of places to try and settle this once and for all, though we have received no response as of yet.

If we do find out that this is indeed Elias, we're imagining that her role is limited to this skit alone — nobody wants a two Peach multiverse plot line now do they? If she does feature in the film itself, we may have to wait until we see the credits roll in opening week to find out for sure, but this cameo could point to more coming our way.

What do you think on the matter? Is that really Elias or just a soundalike? Give us your answer in the following poll to see what everyone else reckons.

Was that Jeannie Elias in the Super Bowl Mario Movie trailer?

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