Octopath Traveler II
Image: Nintendo

Octopath Traveler II is now officially available on the Switch and to celebrate the My Nintendo website in the US is offering some exclusive box art covers.

In total there are eight of them - with each one covering one of the main characters. The catch is, you'll have to print them out yourself. Nintendo recommends using gloss text-type papers. This set of box arts will set you back 30 Platinum Points in total.

Here's a bit of information about this reward:

"Embark on an adventure all your own with 8 exclusive reversible box art covers showcasing the day & night character artwork by Character Designer, Naoki Ikushima. Choose which character version you want to display with your physical copy of Octopath Traveler II game (sold separately)."

You can download a free demo of this new entry from the Switch eShop, and also be sure to check out our review:

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