Mirabel door knob

Players of Disney Dreamlight Valley will have to keep an eye out for a small gold object in the next few weeks when the upcoming update adds Encanto's Mirabel to the game.

It's the golden door knob from the film — which we won't spoil the meaning of! Go watch the movie! At least it makes more sense than Stitch being summoned by socks, too.

It seems like the door knob will likely be used to open a new Encanto-themed Realm, as the last update added a Toy Story Realm, and the Realms are accessed through doors.

We don't have an exact release date for the update yet, although we know two things: It's definitely in February, and an Instagram post the other day said that update 3 was "coming in a few short weeks." That would put it at the end of February, although we perhaps disagree on the definition of "a few".

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