The Knight Witch
Image: Team17

The Knight Witch, last year's fun and frantic mash-up of bullet hell action and Metroidvania exploration, has just received a brand new update on Switch. Publisher Team17 has shared all of the details for the patch over on its blog.

Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team's fast-paced action game — in our own words — "mixes things up a bit" and is a refreshing take on the Metroidvania genre. But we did note some technical issues, including soft locks, in our review. But, with today's update, it looks like a lot of those early issues may well be magicked away.

Here are the full patch notes from today's The Knight Witch update:

Version 1.0.5, 23rd February 2023

- Fixed crash when changing language.
- Fixed crash when interacting with an NPC after changing language.
- Fixed FPS drop when controller gets disconnected in the loading screen.
- Fixed game hard lock resulting from disconnecting the controller in the Controls menu.
- Fixed issues when binding spells or the Action/Talk button to L3 and/or R3.
- Fixed issue with missing controller re-mapping functionality.
- Fixed bug where player can ignore collision and get stuck in the wall in Giga Tree.
- Fixed bug allowing player to leave the limits of the Hextinction battle.
- Fixed bug where Rayne would spawn after death with an incomplete animation.
- Fixed black screen sometimes present during the ambush’s banner.
- Fixed bug which freezes weapon durability counter.
- Fixed bug where ‘Laser Gun’ spell wouldn’t fire when pointed towards an open door.
- Fixed spawning circles not being centred on the spawning location.
- Fixed issues arising from interacting with a beacon after using a timer spell.
- Fixed bug where forge popcorns don’t explode when using ‘Ray of Death’ spell.
- Fixed collision not being properly implemented for the door asset in Giga Tree.
- Fixed turrets lacking collision with the player in Giga Tree.
- Fixed bug stopping player from toggling options while changing languages.
- Fixed issues with warning text appearing overlapped when trying to buy items in shop without the proper number of shards.
- Fixed bug where character name and avatar don’t correspond during dialogue.
- Fixed several localisation typos and mistranslations.

If you're playing the game on other consoles, don't worry, a similar patch will be ready for other platforms in the near future. If you haven't picked up The Knight Witch yet, check our our review below. And, on the UK eShop, it's currently 10% off.

Let us know if you've played and enjoyed The Knight Witch in the comments below.