With Nintendo Switch Online now having Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games, and Pokemon Day fast approaching (27th February), it's got a lot of people speculating — will Gen 1, 2, and 3 make the jump to NSO?

YouTuber and content creator Austin John Plays is one such person who's been pushing those ideas forward, and over the weekend, he posted a video looking and the possibility of Pokémon trading in the generation 1 remakes, Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen. Contacted by his friend MelonSpeedruns, who has tested these games (along with the original Red & Blue and Yellow on the Game Boy) on NSO, Melon says that the games "run flawlessly" and — not only that — but you can trade Pokémon on NSO with another player.

Using a Nintendo Switch emulator to try this out, Melon shared the footage with Austin John (starting at 3:00) which shows FireRed running on NSO on two different screens. The one on the left opens up Multiplayer, while the screen on the right joins. Both reboot the game and talk to the lady at the Viridian City Pokemon Center to initiate a trade.

It's all pretty flawless, almost exactly like we remember on the GBA — the music even cuts out while the game is loading the Communication Room up. Both screens then select a Pokémon to trade and that's that! MelonSpeedruns has also shared footage of the same process in Pokémon Red, too (at 04:54).

So, if this already works, what does that mean for the classic Pokémon games? We know that Pokémon Stadium, the N64 title, is coming to the Expansion Pass at some point, and in a recent video on NSO in Japan, a disclaimer was removed that stated that Pokémon cannot be traded to the game. Part of the appeal of the N64 Pokémon games is seeing your team in 3D, and being able to trade them on NSO would be really nice Hmmmm.

We'd love to see the classic Pokemon games come to the GB and GBA NSO services, but it wouldn't be the same if we couldn't trade. But things are looking bright. Perhaps we'll hear something very soon as Pokémon Day is next week, and traditionally, The Pokémon Company has held a Pokémon Presents on its anniversary for the past few years. We'll have to wait and see...

Would you play the classic Pokémon games on Nintendo Switch Online? Let us know down below.

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