Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking
Image: Nintendo Life

Big news for cooking fans in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Gameloft has said that one of the most popular features — limitless coal — is returning to Kristoff's Stall in the next update, which drops on 16th February.

Coal is used for cooking, and it's normally hard to get high quantities of this, so it'll be a huge help for those who use cooking to make big bucks in-game. That's not the only change coming to the stall, either, as Gameloft teased that Kristoff will also be expanding his item limits "across the board".

Kristoff's Stall has become an important part of Disney Dreamlight Valley, as it's the place where you can buy crafting materials. The items that are available change daily. To get the stall, you need to reach friendship level 6 with the Frozen character, and then at friendship level 10, the stall will hold six items a day.

The Festival of Friendship update is coming next week on 16th February, bringing Olaf (from Frozen) and Mirabel (from Encanto) to Dreamlight valley. And, judging by some of the early teases, this is going to be a big update for the game.

We also got a sneak peek at another update coming in April during the February 2023 Nintendo Direct, which will feature Simba and Nala!

Are you a cooking fiend in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Will you be stocking up on coal? Let us know!

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