Forever Entertainment is bringing the Magical Drop series back this year when Magical Drop VI launches on 25th April. And we've got a brand new trailer to showcase the return of the classic Japanese puzzle game.

Originally announced last September for a winter release, this is the first new Magical Drop game since 2012's Steam release, Magical Drop V.

There are six different single-player modes coming to the new game, along with online ad local multiplayer for some perfect bubble-matching gameplay. Plus, Forever Entertainment has confirmed that additional characters and free DLC will be coming to the game after it launches.

Here's a rundown of all of the different modes coming to Magical Drop VI:

Enter the mystical world, in which new challenges seek upon every corner! Play as the residents of the Magical Land, see the world with their eyes, and help them to unite the divided world together!

Meet an array of unique playable characters! Protagonists like Justice or World are quite friendly, but beware of the ones with a poor reputation like Death or Empress. However, not all champions will be available from the start – some of the characters are hidden and waiting for you to be unlocked!

The game offers 6 different single-player modes and the possibility to play in local and online multiplayer!

Learn about the history of the Magical Land and its inhabitants while progressing through the classic story mode!

Skirmish mode, choose your character, and opponent, and get to the battle!

Pop incoming waves of bubbles, and don't let them get to the bottom of the screen!

Pop the bubbles, so there's none of them left on the screen! Get extra points for doing it in the most efficient way!

Progress through the map by winning minigames! Watch out for making mistakes, they can be painful!

Defeat your enemies one by one to set the highest score possible!

Play with your friends locally or face players from all around the world online!

While Magical Drop III is available as part of the NEOGEO Arcade Archives collection, this will be the first new entry on the Switch. So if you're a fan of the series, you won't want to miss out on this.

Will you be picking up Magical Drop VI on Switch on 25th April? Let us know in the comments.