Image: The Pokémon Company

Squishmallows collectors out there might be interested to know the Pikachu and Gengar ones available at the Pokémon Center (in real life) are slightly different from other versions available elsewhere. In case you missed it, these particular plush have a special stamp on them.

As highlighted recently on the Squishmallows subreddit - a place where fans go to celebrate the "softest, cutest and cuddliest plush around", Pokémon Center Squishmallows feature a Poké Ball stamp on their rear end. There's even a little trademark symbol to top it off! In comparison, regular Squishmallows have no markings like this.

"Fun fact! The Pokémon Center squishes have an identifiable “Tramp Stamp” showing that they were purchased from PKMN Center"

A number of fans noted in the same thread how this is basically an excuse to add even more Squishmallows to their life, while others raised concerns it would only increase the prices of these Squishmallows on marketplaces. While we have seen the back of Pikachu and Gengar Squishmallows before, nobody has really highlighted them quite like this.

So, next time you spot a Pokémon Center Squishmallows, keep this in mind! Have you got any of the Pokémon-themed ones so far? Leave a comment below.