PixelHeart is bringing Brazilian developer Statera Studio's run-and-gun game Guns N' Runs to Switch on 31st March.

With eight different characters to pick from, and each having their own unique story, Guns N' Runs demands precision platforming as your run, jump, dash, and shoot your way through multiple levels. It also looks pretty cute, too — we can imagine playing this on a GBA or DS with the lovely hand-drawn pixel graphics.

Publisher PixelHeart is also selling a limited edition physical release, with 2,000 copies available for the Switch (and a further 1,000 for PS4) with unique cover art. PAL territories will, however, also have access to a standard special edition.

Here's some more info on the upcoming game from the press release:

In Guns N' Runs, you take control of eight seasoned members of the Conspiracy squad in a stylish, hand-drawn pixel art run and gun against a technopathic prodigy and his army of robots.

Help our protagonists infiltrate a bunker in the middle of the Atacama Desert on a challenging and dangerous capture and rescue mission. Designed for single player, this game features over 200 challenges, 23 bosses and focuses on the individual narrative of each team member.

The controls are simple and accessible - you can jump, shoot, move and use special weapons - but don't be fooled! The game has progression levels that require a greater depth of skill to advance to the next levels. In this game, you will learn a new lesson with every death.

Use a variety of weapons, protect yourself with a shield, collect your dash to use it in sequence, destroy some enemies with a reinforced dash (if you found it) and enjoy every second of the game with an original soundtrack that will leave you excited with each new step.

So get ready to push your limits.

Key features:
- Choose your character from the 8 members of the Conspiracy Squad.
- More than 200 challenges to overcome.
- 23 bosses, each more difficult than the last.
- Easy to understand controls that require mastery.
- A variety of weapons for both attack and defense.

Guns N' Runs will blast its way onto the Switch eShop on 31st March, so in just over a month's time. Will you be joining the Conspiracy Squad next month?

What do you think of the Guns N' Runs? Have you played the game on Steam at all? Let us know down below.