Detective Pikachu
Image: The Pokémon Company / Warner Bros. Pictures

We're now getting updates about video game movies on a regular basis, but one we haven't heard about for a while is the sequel to Detective Pikachu - so what's happened?

After the star of the movie Justice Smith claimed a second film was unlikely to happen in 2021, we've finally got a new update. According to a Legendary Entertainment rep (via Polygon), this second project is still "in active development".

Details beyond this remain unknown and The Pokémon Company also reportedly declined to comment when asked about its involvement in the second film or related projects. The writers of the original film have also mentioned in more recent times how they would love to be involved in a sequel.

A Detective Pikachu sequel was first mentioned in 2019, with suggestions at the time it was in the early stages of development.

A film sequel isn't the only thing on the cards, either. In the second half of last year, Switch fans were also reminded of a video game follow-up. While there's not been much about the second game revealed, a job listing in September 2022 suggested the title was nearing release.

Would you be interested in a second Detective Pikachu movie? How about another game? Comment below.

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