Detective Pikachu
Image: The Pokémon Company

In case you missed it, there's a new Detective Pikachu game on the way to the Nintendo Switch. When The Pokémon Company originally announced it in 2019, it was mentioned how it would conclude the original game's story.

If you're wondering what's happened to this project since then - don't worry, it's still a thing. Following an update earlier this year, it seems a LinkedIn page may have revealed the project could be nearing completion.

Creatures Inc and PTCG Development Division Senior Programmer Jonathan Murphy (who has been in the position for 5 years) notes how he's worked on an "unannounced project" and Detective Pikachu 2, which is nearing release:

Using Unity/C#, worked on one unannounced project and one nearing release, Detective Pikachu 2.
- Had ownership of core game features, doing everything from initial system design to final implementation.
- Provided expert consultation on effective use of Unity and modern development practices.

Detective Pikachu
Image: Nintendo Life / via LinkedIn

Considering this game was announced in 2019, it's probably no surprise that it is potentially nearing release. Earlier this year in February, a quote from the Creatures Inc website reassured fans the game was still in development:

The original Detective Pikachu game was released on the Nintendo 3DS in 2018. It was followed by a movie a year later. Would you be interested in a follow-up on the Nintendo Switch to the original game? Comment down below.