Bramble: The Mountain King 1
Image: Merge Games

Update [Tue 7th Feb, 2023 14:30 GMT]: We all got collectively freaked out by the initial trailer and demo footage for Bramble: The Mountain King back in December last year and now Merge Games has announced that the title will be crawling its way onto Switch on 27th April.

This news was shared alongside a new release date trailer which gives a closer look at the kind of chills that will be coming our way in a couple of months. This trailer does come with a warning that it may be inappropriate for some users, so take care when watching (if you're old enough, that is).

Pre-orders remain open for the limited edition physical copy of the game, information about which can be found in our original article below.

Original article [Fri 16th Dec, 2022 17:00 GMT]: Merge Games has today announced that the upcoming psychological thriller Bramble: The Mountain King will be bringing the chills to Switch in a physical form next year.

After releasing a demo on PC and PS5 which gained popularity over Halloween weekend (who would have thought it), developer Dimfrost Studios has decided to make the full leap to consoles in the coming year and looking at the above trailer, us scaredy cats are going to have to hype ourselves up for this one.

Based on fables from Nordic mythology, Bramble sees you playing as Olle, a young boy who goes out into the spooky woods in order to find his sister. Of course, these spooky woods are full of nasties (again, who would have thought it?!) and the following game will have you running away from trolls, demons, witches and a whole host of other things that we would rather not be running away from in the first place.

Based on the above trailer, full of giant monsters creeping in from the background and an abundance of small gnome-like characters, we can't help but feel a hefty dose of Little Nightmares vibes from this one. If Bramble can take all of the things that we liked about the aforementioned title (the intense atmosphere, clever storytelling) and get rid of the bad (those darn loading times), then the team at Dimfrost might be onto something here.

For an idea of some of the game's features as well as some suitably creepy screenshots, check out the following from Merge Games:

● Traverse the sinister world of Bramble on an emotional journey to find your sister
● Unravel dark secrets and discover what lurks in the depths of your mind as you fight for courage
● Beautiful art encapsulating story-driven gameplay with immersive cinematic moments
● Encounter mythical creatures such as Näcken, the Skogsra, trolls, gnomes and more
● Explore a sprawling landscape of tremendous heights and plunging depths inspired by Nordic nature

Physical copies of the game are available to pre-order now through Signature Edition Games for a price of £34.99 / $39.99 / €39.99. Plus, if you are one of the first 2,000 customers to get your order in from the site then you will be able to get a free pin featuring the Skogsrå - an all-round unsavoury character by the looks of it!

There is currently no precise release date on the game as of yet, though the publishers are expecting to release it next year.

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