It Takes Two
Image: Hazelight Studios

Josef Fares award-winning cooperative title It Takes Two has hit a sales milestone recently - with developer Hazelight Studios announcing it has now sold over 10 million copies around the world.

According to an official tweet from the company, that's "potentially twice as many players" as it ever dreamed of playing the title thanks to the co-op. The Switch version arrived on the scene last November, so it presumably helped bolster sales numbers.

In our Nintendo Life review of It Takes Two, we awarded it eight out of ten stars - calling it a "satisfying Switch port". Here's a bit about what we thought:

"It’s brimming with fun, uniquely committed to co-op gaming, plays solidly and distinctively, and usually discards one cool idea in favour of another before there’s time to get bored. Now-standard graphical compromises have been made for Switch, and the typical perk of playing handheld is questionable for an always-split-screen co-op-only game. Nonetheless, it keeps the frames moving well enough not to undermine its Game-of-the-Year sparkle."

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