It's a new year and that means there's a new roadmap for the popular multiplayer indie hit Among Us. So, what's on the agenda for 2023?

Coming soon are user interface and user experience updates. This includes "cleaning up the account merging flow, updating the store to be easier to navigate, making it easier to see how you can report a toxic player" and more.

Beyond this, Map 5 is currently in the works. Here's what Innersloth has to say about it:

"Yep, this is finally the year we get you a whole new map to explore! I can’t tell you what the theme is, but I CAN say it’ll have all new tasks for you to figure out, come with more cosmetics, and have fun surprises hidden around. We put a TON of love into our design process for these maps – you’ll notice that all our maps often have tinyyy details in them to make them feel satisfying and fun to play, if you take a look around. (My favorite details is the little bone anatomy image in the Airship.) We don’t want to skimp out on anything, so we’re excited to finally be gearing this map up for you to play later in the year!"

In addition to a new map, there'll also be improved matchmaking updates, a quick chat rework - refining dialogue options and making it easier to navigate, more collaborations (including some big ones), and if the team gets enough time, it is looking at some new roles:

"If we have extra time and are able to, we would loveeeeee to add some more new roles into the game. We’ve already seen the fun you’ve been having with the Shapeshifter, Guardian Angel, Engineer, and Scientist, and how it creates a whole new way to play the game. We have a lot of other ideas up in our brain space, and hope we can share that with you at some point! Another thing we hope to work on are Friends List improvements so you’re able to do much more with the people you call “friends” (that would stab you in the back the minute you’re an Impostor but whatever)."

Here's the full roadmap graphic for 2023:

Among Us
Image: Innersloth

Have you tried out Among Us on the Nintendo Switch yet? Looking forward to the 2023 updates? Comment below.