Splatoon might be primarily known as a competitive shooter, but since the release of the second game, Nintendo has expanded upon the original concept with its cooperative wave mode Salmon Run. If you do enjoy putting in a shift for Mr. Grizz, you might want to check out the above IGN video.

It's a detailed breakdown of a world-record Salmon Run focused on a group of pro Splatoon 3 players (Brian, Gungee, Marty and Reyko) who were able to gather a whopping 241 golden eggs. What's perhaps even more impressive is the fact it's been done using an online connection - so the team has to factor in latency issues.

If you do want to find some ways to improve your own Salmon Runs, this is well worth a look. For this particular run, the team was playing Sockeye Station on the Hazard Level Max difficulty setting. Throughout the video, you can see the team reaching quotas in just seconds and then going well beyond the wave requirements.

Do you spend much time in Splatoon 3's Salmon Run? Learn anything new in the above video? Tell us below.