Fire Emblem Engage
Image: Nintendo

Fire Emblem Engage is just a couple of weeks away from its release and we're definitely excited to get stuck into the full game. We've already provided our own initial thoughts based on our hands-on time with the tactical RPG, and now Digital Foundry is back once again to provide some technical analysis of the title's visuals, presentation, and performance.

Right from the off, Digital Foundry confirms that Fire Emblem Engage is a much more accomplished game visually when compared to Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which is great to hear. Character rendering in particular is said to be a "huge step up" with its bold, contrasting colour and improved technical implementation.

Environments have been improved too, and although Digital Foundry states that no technical boundaries are being pushed with the game, there is a noticable difference between this and the more drab, bland environments seen in Three Houses. Overall, the image quality is much better; Three Houses notoriously refrained from using anti-aliasing, resulting in some ugly jagged edges, whereas Engage utilises plenty of edge softening technology to make things a lot more pleasing on the eye.

In terms of resolution, docked mode displayed at just below 1080p, hovering around 972p, while portable mode displays at just below 720p. Again, Digital Foundry states that overall image quality is a lot more consistent than Three Houses. Frame rate for the title is targeted at 30fps and proves to be relatively stable for the most part with occasional frame rate drops, particularly when transitioning from the map to battle sequences.

For more information, including a look at the pre-rendered cutscenes, check out Digital Foundry's video below:

Do you think Fire Emblem Engage looks like a step up from Three Houses? Share your thoughts in the comments below!