The Switch is home to enough turn-based tactics games to last a lifetime, but that hasn't deterred Mipumi, the studio behind the point and click adventure The Lion's Song, from working on a title which looks to stand out from the rest.

Howl is set to land on Switch later this year (we can't be more specific than 'early 2023' at the moment), but this tactical wolf hunter has managed to attract our interest. Based on the newly-released gameplay video (above) the title has all of the howlmarks (sorry) of your classic turn-based adventure - predict your enemy's moves, shift your character, plan you attack - but where Howl stands out is in its 'living ink' visuals which make each movement look like a watercolour painting come to life.

This is certainly a step away from the pixel art graphics of the studio's former title, but we are intrigued with the results nonetheless. The gameplay itself will see you attempting to make your way through a fairytale land which has been overthrown by a plague that turns people all wolf-y. For more details on the game and a look at some screenshots, check out the following from Mipumi:

· Foretell the actions of your enemies in tactical, turn-based combat
· Beautifully illustrated in a unique, living ink artstyle
· Unlock and upgrade new skills like shadow step, exploding shot and more
· Save villagers from the claws - or howl - of the wolves
· Play through 60 levels in 4 chapters
· Plot your route on the world map and pick your battles wisely

Howl will be making its way onto Switch later this year. If touchscreen controls are enabled, then the console could be a good fit for this small-scale tactical.

What do you make of this tactical take on folklore? Let us know in the comments!