Updated [Sat 28th Jan, 2023 02:00 GMT]: Atlus last week released a remaster of Persona 3 Portable on multiple platforms including the Nintendo Switch. If you've noticed any sound issues, it seems you're not alone. According to a handful of reports, there are players who think the sound quality in the new release is actually worse than the audio featured in the original version, which first arrived on the PlayStation Portable in 2009.

Developer Atlus West seems to be receiving the same reports (via Steam) in a thread asking players to post their "Persona 3 Portable Bugs" to help its QA team collate frequently reported bugs. Here's just one of the many comments:

"I play the PC version on Game Pass. One of the things that bother me was the audio sound muffle and not sound clear. It was from the part when the protagonist awakens his Persona. Also, some things in the backgrounds looks off in some areas. I hope this feedbacks helps."

SMT Network is claiming a patch could potentially be in the works for all versions of the game. This information has apparently been passed on from sources who were hired by Atlus to work on the ports of P3P and P4G. Of course, there's been no official confirmation of a patch at this point in time.

In our Nintendo Life review, we mentioned how P3P was still an enjoyable RPG but admitted it would probably be more appreciated by returning fans of the franchise rather than newcomers. Check out our video review (above) and our written one (below).

How have you found the audio quality in P3P on the Switch? Tell us in the comments.

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