Sonic Prime
Image: SEGA, Netflix

The first season of Sonic Prime launched on Netflix at the end of last year with an eight-episode run. If you're ready for another serving of the blue blur, the good news is there's more on the way.

In a brief message on social media, Sega has teased "more Sonic Prime" will be coming at some point in 2023. The first season saw Sonic and the rest of his crew going on a "high-octane adventure" in a strange new multiverse.

When the show launched last December, it was generally well-received by critics - with many calling it a fun and family-friendly experience, appealing to both new and old Sonic fans. You can get a better idea of this new series in our review round up:

Have you watched the first season of Sonic Prime yet? Ready for more episodes in 2023? Comment below.