Publisher Ravenscourt and developer DigixArt have announced that Road 96: Mile 0, a prequel to the narrative and musical title Road 96, will be launching on the Switch on April 4th, 2023.

Featuring both narrative driven storytelling and psychedelic musical "rides", the game stars Zoe (a character from the original Road 96) and Kaito (from DigixArt's debut title, Lost in Harmony) in the luxury community of White Sands, just prior to the events of the main game.

The game will also feature a brand new song called "Land Locked Heart" from American synthwave band The Midnight, which is also planned to be released as a single soon. The Midnight said the following regarding the new song:

“This song is about the paradox of coming home. Even though it's where you were formed and where the evidence of the origin story is all around, there comes a time when it no longer feels like home. Eventually it feels like a place you must escape from, or be destined to continue in a story that isn't yours. We’re excited to see the song come to life in Road 96: Mile 0."

Will you be checking out Road 96: Mile 0 when it launches on the Switch in April? Tell us in the comments below.