Retro-Bit Gaming Legacy GC Controller
Image: Nintendo Life

Retro-Bit Gaming has been behind a number of funky throwback-inspired controllers for Switch over the years, and now the company is taking us back in time even further with a Game Boy Player-style controller that is made for the GameCube (or Wii, if you're so inclined).

The Legacy GC Wired Controller has the appearance of the classic Game Boy Player controllers from Hori back in the day but with a new lick of colour and some fancy modern features. The button layouts make this a prime option for those out there still using the Game Boy Player (you know who you are), and you have the option to set the D-Pad's analogue inputs to either the left or right stick so those who are up for a challenge can even take on some single-stick Super Smash Bros. Melee.

For a closer look at some of the controller's features and a few new snaps of both the Black and Indigo models, check out the following from Retro-Bit Gaming:

The Legacy arrives to bring a classic feel to your Nintendo Gamecube® and Wii®. This updated version of our controller has a familiar button layout, comfortable DPad, and the addition of Turbo functionality. The shoulder buttons now utilize both digital and analog inputs to allow for functionality across most titles. Players can also change the DPad to function as the analog or C-stick as needed. A comfortable grip accompanies the 10ft/3m cable length to allow for gaming in almost any play area.

Features and Specs:
Compatible with Nintendo GameCube® and Wii®
Macros allow DPad to function as the analog or C-stick
10ft/3m cable length
Includes Turbo functionality

For those whose hearts leapt at the thought of using this on an emulator, we're afraid that the GCN cable does not make that possible just yet. This being said, Retro-Bit has teased on Twitter that it may be working on a USB model in the future.

The Legacy GC is currently available to pre-order only from Castlemania Games for $19.99 (around £16) with the product expected to ship later this month. Retro-Bit has confirmed that European retailers will be stocking the controller in the near future however, so keep those eyes peeled if you are hoping to get your hands on one without the high shipping costs.

What do you make of this throwback controller? Let us know in the comments!

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