Image: Nintendo Life

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood is currently open for technical rehearsals, and as such, details of the park are now starting to be shared online ahead of its full launch on February 17th.

One video that's caught our eye features the one and only Toad, who has decided to venture into the world of gastronomy as the Head Chef of Toadstool Café. In the video, Toad welcomes guests to the café and urges them to take a load off their feet, relax, and enjoy some delicious meals. Check it out:

It's one of few instances in which a Mario character has been given full voice acting, and the results are, well... mixed. Toad certainly sounds cute, but we can imagine his gravely intonation getting a bit annoying on repeat listens.

Nevertheless, it's an interesting peek into what the Mario universe would actually sound like with full voice acting on board, and frankly, we'd love to see this implemented into a future Mario title. Otherwise, the closest we're likely to get anytime soon is the Super Mario Bros. Movie, due for launch on April 7th, 2023.

What do you make of Toad's appearance at Super Nintendo World? Would you like to see Nintendo implement full voice acting into a future Mario title? Let us know!