New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Image: Nintendo

If you cast your minds back to 2016, you might remember that we did a little piece looking at the rather mythical New Super Mario Bros. Wii Coin World arcade game, created via a special collaboration between Nintendo and Capcom and released in Japan in 2011.

Well, assets from the game were recently made available online and it turns out that the music is actually completely unique to the machine (albeit still very familiar to anyone who has played New Super Mario Bros. Wii). The tunes have been uploaded by YouTuber and Twitter user @Marionova64, and you can check out the entire playlist on YouTube. For a little sample, however, the below tweet includes short snippets of each music piece:

Pretty cool, right? It sounds very similar to the music we're all no doubt familiar with at this point, but it's certainly different enough to stand on its own.

The arcade game itself is quite different to the Wii title and puts the focus on slot machine and minigames, requiring you to trade real-life cash for tokens in order to play. It features a joystick and two buttons, and you can use the joystick to move your character around the screen while placing bets and spinning the slot machines. You can cash out at any point, but instead of getting your cash back, you'll get tokens with which to use on other slot machines or games.

Check out some direct gameplay footage below:

What do you make of this music from the New Super Mario Bros. Wii Coin World arcade game? Sound any different to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!