Super Mario 64 Cake
Image: Nintendo Life

We are nearing the grand opening of Super Nintendo World Hollywood on 17th February, when the US take on the much-discussed Japanese attraction will open its doors (pipes?) for the first time.

In the build up to the big day, we have seen a lot of snaps from those who have been lucky enough to visit in press tours and promotion. While the park is looking just as amazing as we would have expected — it is a near exact copy of the one found in Osaka — there are some changes that were never going to sit right with us.

We are, of course, talking about the Mario-themed food. Now, for the most part, the Hollywood menu looks pretty darn good and early reactions are generally positive to both the options and experience itself. However, there is one downgrade that has been noted on Twitter by @Acuna_Mattata, and it's not a pretty picture for dessert fans.

As seen in the above tweet, the Hollywood theme park has swapped out Osaka's multi-layered Peach Cake — vaguely reminiscent of the 'Thank You' cake from Super Mario 64's ending — for something a whole lot more.... red.

Yep, Peach's promise of the cake that she has baked for Mario is a little more disappointing if you were expecting picture one but ended up with picture two. To be clear, the bright cupcake still looks good (mmm, red flavour) but it is something of a downgrade, we'd have to agree.

Of course, the Super Nintendo World Hollywood menu extends far beyond mere desserts, so it's not to suggest that the entire menu is a disappointment when compared to Japan. With the Mario Kart ride, interactive exhibits and gift shop, we'd be lying if we didn't say that this new venue is looking pretty amazing all the same.

Cake catastrophe or dessert delight? Let us know your tastes in the comments below!