Random: Baba Is You Gets A Surprise Sequel... Sort Of? 1

Baba Is You is one of the best, strangest puzzle games of the past decade. Instead of moving blocks and finding keys, your main mechanic is moving words — making it so that you are the key, or changing the goal of the entire level to suit your needs. Okay, you'll still be moving blocks and finding keys, but it's different, alright?!

Developer of Baba Is You, Hempuli, occasionally makes tiny games on itch.io, some of which are to do with Baba (or Keke, another one of the game's characters). There's Baba Is You XTREME, which has real physics and no grid; Baba Friend, which adds a little Baba to your desktop; It's A Me, an unplayable Mario-like platformer; and now, arguably the best spin-off of all...

Baba Files Taxes.

Sure, it's not on Switch, but this little tax-filing simulator is a great way to revisit the loveable Baba... who mostly is not in the game, because you're filing taxes for him by forging his signature.

Also, the tax deadline is coming up. Stop playing games about taxes and do your taxes, silly.