NL Megalodon Keyboard 1
Image: Nintendo Life / Megalodon

If you're a sucker for peripherals and hardware that's designed to look like other game consoles (we're looking at you, SNES 3DS XL), then Megalodon's Console 64 Keyboard might just be jumping to the top of your list (thanks, PC Gamer!).

This beautiful-looking mechanical keyboard looks just like a Nintendo Switch, and the company aren't shy about marketing it so. With its flagship model uses the "iconic Nintendo red and blue" on the right and left-hand margins which have "knobs, buttons, and even a joystick to… switch things up". We see what you did there, Megalodon. The buttons on the left look just like a d-pad!

It's not meant to be used like a Switch, nor are the joysticks necessarily meant to be used for gaming. But our favourite part has to be the tiny little screen on the top right, which lets you see some macros while you're typing. You'll also need to buy the keys separately, too.

Take a little look at this lovely little device below, which comes in five colours — Red/Blue, White (for an OLED look), Soy, Yellow, and Pink. And now we want pastel pink Joy-Con...

The Megalodon Console 64 Keyboard doesn't come cheap, however. This unit will cost $198 (without keys, remember), and pre-orders are only open for another week on There's also another catch, though — if not enough pre-orders come in, the keyboard won't be released, but you do get your money back.

And hey, if you have a USB keyboard connected to your Switch dock at all times, getting a matching keyboard might be a fun idea!

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