Jaleco's classic Ninja JaJaMaru series makes its grand return in February, bursting onto the Switch with three different collections that will be available on 21st February!

Published by ININ Games, all three collections will be available on the Switch eShop, along with some physical releases. Many of the games on these collections have never been released outside of Japan, while others have seen limited English-language releases over the years.

We'll be going over each collection here, which has been developed and put together by City Connection, including what games are part of each bundle.

First up is Ninja JaJaMaru: The Great Yokai Battle + Hell. This contains all of the action platformers that were available across the NES, SNES, and Game Boy and contains some of the most well-known titles in the series. Three of these will be available for the first time in English, too! You can also pre-order a physical edition, called Ninja JaJaMaru: The Great Yokai Battle + Hell Deluxe Edition, from various retailers.

You'll get the following games in this set:

The second collection is a bit smaller, but for collectors, both games included have never seen the light of day outside of Japan. Ninja JaJaMaru: The Lost RPGs contains two RPG adventure games which deviate from the mainline series. This bundle will only be available digitally.

The two Famicom games included are:

ININ Games' final collection bundles all of these games together in one big digital package. Titled JaJaMaru: Legendary Ninja Collection, all eight games will be included. Plus, there's a limited physical edition from Strictly Limited games which you can pre-order now which comes with a ton of goodies, from posters, stickers, a fancy big box, and a Japanese wind chime!

Just in case you need a reminder, here are all eight games included in this package:

  • Ninja JaJaMaru-kun (1985, Famicom/NES)
  • JaJaMaru no Daibouken (1986, Famicom/NES)
  • Ninja JaJaMaru: Ninpouchou (1989, Famicom/NES)
  • Ninja JaJaMaru: Gekimaden - Maboroshi no Kinmajou (1990, Famicom/NES)
  • Oira JaJaMaru! Sekai Daibouken (1990, Game Boy)
  • Ninja JaJaMaru - Gingadaisakusen (1991, Famicom/NES)
  • Super Ninja-kid (1994, Super Famicom/SNES)
  • Ninja JaJaMaru: The Great Yokai Battle +Hell (2022)
Ninja JaJaMaru Collection 7
Image: Strictly Limited Games

All three collections are available on 21st February, so retro enthusiasts should pop that date in their diaries for some nostalgic goodness, plus a slice of gaming history!

Have you ever played any of the Ninja JaJaMaru games? Will you be picking any of these collections up? Let us know!