We always want more games to feature watercolour-esque or hand-drawn visuals, and Helvetii — an upcoming action game from Team KwaKwa (developers of Soup Raiders) — looks like it's going to give us our fix. And we won't have to wait long, as the game hits the Switch eShop on 3rd February!

Inspired by Vanillaware's stunning art style (we're definitely getting some Muramasa vibes from this), Helvetii is a 2D action roguelite that's based on the Gaulish Helvetii tribes. In Celtic history, the Helvetii were people who were driven from southern Germany to the north — an area that we now know as Switzerland (via Britannica).

To save the land from rot, you'll be able to swap between three playable characters: a young war chief, a fox who's been turned into a human, and a druid. Each character has a unique moveset, and you'll be able to acquire random power-ups throughout your adventure which are redistributed at the beginning of each playthrough. With beautiful music from Dale North (River City Girls, Wizard Of Legend) and vocals from Emi Evans (NieR, NieR Automata), and exciting combat where you can dodge, parry, and juggle your foes, this sounds like the perfect, and pretty, action game we're after on these cold winter days.

Here are some of the key features of the game from publisher Red Art Games, along with more of those gorgeous visuals:

■ Three unique playable characters
■ Room and power-ups are randomly redistributed at the start of each playthrough
■ Wield numerous powers bestowed upon you by primal deities
■ Carefully crafted and detailed 2D environments
■ Soundtrack composed by Dale North with vocals by Emi Evans
■ Texts in English, French, Swiss German, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese

If this has stirred something in your heart, you can also pre-order a limited physical edition of the game for €29.99 over at Red Art Games' store.

What do you think of Helvetii? Will you be picking this up on 3rd February? Slice your thoughts down in the comments!