Ten years ago today, mythological MOBA SMITE came out in open beta on PC. To celebrate its tenth year on the MOBA circuit, the freemium game is teaming up with card battler Magic: The Gathering to create an event unlike any other.

The crossover will last for three months, and includes a new Conquest mode with a fresh new map, five new skins inspired by M:TG which cost 1,200 gems each, and a further five skins in the next update.

Here are the five new skins:

  • Chandra Nalaar — Pele
  • Liliana Vess — Nu Wa
  • Atraxa — Thanatos
  • Jace Beleren — Yu Huang
  • Karn — Atlas

Alongside these five characters is the ability to play as the Fire God Surtr, who comes with a range of flame-based abilities:

  • Obsidian Flesh
    • Surtr’s flesh cracks into fragments after he loses enough health. On picking these up Surtr gains a percentage of his Max. Health over time and Protections for 3s. Enemies can destroy these fragments by walking over them.
  • Flames of Muspell
    • Surtr sets his sword ablaze gaining Haste while this buff is active. Surtr’s next successful Basic Attack will deal bonus magical damage, ignite the target causing them to take damage over time as well as spawning a Fiery Imp. This ability’s bonus damage increases per stack (max. of 200) when an enemy dies while the burning effect is active.
  • Giant’s Grasp
    • Surtr pulls the closest target to him, either an enemy lane minion, a Fiery Imp or a magma rock if neither are in range. Surtr then hurls the object forwards, dealing damage and stunning enemies ahead.
  • Emberwalk
    • Surtr’s fury creates a ring of embers around him providing a Movement Speed buff that increases for hitting enemies, while the ability is active. The ring deals damage and slows enemies once as it expands or when fully formed and again when it contracts. While formed, the outer ring deals continuous damage to enemies inside. The ring also picks up Obsidian Flesh fragments.
  • End of Days
    • After a short buildup, Surtr surges into the air infusing into a large Meteor. While in the air, Surtr is immune to damage and can choose where to come crashing down. Before landing, Meteorites split off, targeting enemies on the ground, dealing damage and spawning Fiery Imps. Surtr’s Meteor deals increased damage and knocks up enemies hit.

Surtr will also have three skins himself:

  • Ascended Surtr (Year 10 pass skin)
  • Masteries Surtr (Mastery skin)
  • Azure Flames Surtr (standard recolour)

The update goes live today.

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