Fire Emblem Engage
Image: Nintendo

Ahead of the release of Fire Emblem Engage later this month, the Dutch Nintendo fansite N1-UP has uploaded the game's opening cinematic to its YouTube channel. This footage was apparently captured during a preview session at Nintendo.

A lot of reactions are saying how it's got anime vibes, and it's easy to see why. You can also hear the song in this opening, and there's a brief look at the game's title screen towards the end. We won't be sharing the video directly here, but you can check it via the tweet below:

There's been a huge marketing push with Fire Emblem Engage over the past week, with Nintendo yesterday releasing a nine-minute overview trailer and a number of short commercials. Earlier this week our hands-on preview of the new entry went live:

What do you think of the opening cinematic and song for Fire Emblem Engage? Will you be adding this game to your collection when it launches on Switch on 20th January? Tell us below.