Farming games have millions of fans at this point, thanks to the killer combo of Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, Rune Factory, and Stardew Valley, but they all have one thing in common that has very little to do with farming: The ability to date people in town. Let's be honest, a lot of people who love farming games aren't just doing it for the love of seeds and soil; it's all about getting to know the locals and learning how to win their hearts.

Upcoming Switch game SunnySide is an incredibly detailed farming sim "with the deep social sim aspects of a Persona game", and the new trailer above shows off just what they mean by that. With 24 dateable characters in the rural Japanese town where you find yourself, there's something for everyone — although each of those characters has specific preferences when it comes to a partner!

Developer RainyGames spoke about their commitment to creating romanceable characters with agency:

"It's been really important to us that the social system for SunnySide feels rewarding and immersive for everyone. We have a lot of different types of people that you can pursue friendship or romance with, and our priority from day one has been to make sure that the locked sexuality of the characters is an enhancement to the story, rather than an inconvenience for the player.

With 24 romanceable characters, every player should have at least 4 different people they can romance, and at most about 14. Overall, we're really proud of the system and can't wait for players to get their hands on it and see what it's really about!"

We've also got some exclusive new screenshots to share with you:

Do you see anyone in the trailer or screenshots that you'd want to date? Tell us in the comments!