Image: Iron Forge Galaxy / Epic Games Publishing

It seems like we could soon have another brawler releasing on the Nintendo Switch, with the Taiwanese Ratings Board recently listing Epic Games' free-to-play title Rumbleverse for the hybrid platform.

Rumbleverse was developed by Iron Galaxy Studios and made its debut on the Epic Store and other console platforms in August last year. Simply put, it's an "exciting" 40-person brawler royale. Although it's free, it does allow players to pay real money for add-ons, seasonal items and in-game currency.

Epic has previously released free-to-play games like Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch, and has also acquired titles such as Rocket League and Fall Guys - shifting them across to the F2P model as well. Iron Galaxy is perhaps best known for its work on Killer Instinct for Xbox and previously assisted Blizzard with the Switch port of Overwatch.

If we hear any announcement about Rumbleverse making its way across to the Switch, we'll let you know.

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