Disney Dreamlight Valley Will Be Getting Storage Upgrades In Next Update 1
Image: Nintendo Life

Anyone who's played Disney Dreamlight Valley for longer than a few minutes will have noticed the woeful state of affairs that is the storage system. Each chest can only hold two rows of items — that's sixteen slots in total, which is not nearly enough for most people, especially since Dreamlight Valley often asks for humungous numbers of items for quests.

The long-awaited upgrade to this terrible storage system is finally on the way, after the DDV Twitter account ran a poll to gauge whether people were interested in "expanded storage management" in which all the answers were variants of "OBVIOUSLY WE ARE, YOU MONSTERS." 37,197 people responded in the affirmative (partly because there was no other option).

Disney Dreamlight Valley Will Be Getting Storage Upgrades In Next Update 2
Image: Nintendo Life

In a follow-up tweet, the angel that runs the DDV Twitter account announced that there would be some "great storage quality of life improvements" coming in the next major update, and that "sneak peeks" would be shown off in the coming weeks.

Hopefully this storage update will also include other improvements, such as the option to sort an inventory, a separate inventory for the massive amounts of quest items you'll accrue by playing the game, and potentially even the ability to use dressers, cupboards, and wardrobes as storage as well as chests.

The past two updates added Scar and Stitch to the game, alongside various quality of life improvements like tool upgrades, the ability to turn lights off, and functional fireplaces, so we can probably expect Update 3 to include a new character or area alongside the storage upgrades.

What other changes would you like to see in a DDV update? Drop your ideas in the comments.