Dead Space
Image: EA

The newest character skin to be introduced into Fortnite has been revealed to be Isaac Clarke, the protagonist of the classic horror/sci-fi series Dead Space. Now we can live out our dream Dead Space/Alien crossover by playing as Isaac and Ellen Ripley!

This is probably one of the more normal crossovers we've seen in a while — think Goku, Naruto, etc. and Isaac seems perfectly expected for Fortnite. Plus, the highly anticipated Dead Space remake launches on PS5 and Xbox on 27th January, so the timing is pretty darn perfect.

Isaac is available now if you purchase the Strange Transmissions quest pack from the Fortnite store, which will cost you the usual £9.99/$11.99 The pack gets you Isaac's outfit, two back blings, a pickaxe, and quests that will net you up to 1,500 V-Bucks each.

We sort of love that one of the back blings is a replica of the USG Ishimura, the abandoned mining ship that you explore in Dead Space. And the pickaxe is a plasma cutter, too.

For those wondering, there was a Dead Space game for the Wii way back in 2009 — Dead Space: Extraction. This is an on-rails shooter which sees you exploring and blasting your way through the Aegis VII colony and the Ishimura as multiple characters — all with Wii motion control support, too. And it's pretty darn good — back in 2009, we said that the game was excellent for "bending the expectations of what an on-rails game can and should do".

Will you be grabbing Isaac Clarke in Fortnite this week? Land safely and let us know in the comments!