Image: The Pokémon Company

At the end of last year, The Pokémon Company announced Ash and Pikachu's anime adventures would be coming to a close after 25 years. The series will give the iconic duo a special send-off in an 11-episode run, which will begin airing next week in Japan on 13th January.

Now, ahead of the first episode, TPC has shared a brief rundown about what to expect from the first three episodes - revealing the return of Misty and Brock. The group went their separate ways in the episode "Gotta Catch Ya Later!". Here's some information about their return (via Siliconera):

The first episode "The Wind of Beginning" is about Ash and Pikachu encountering a wounded Latias. The second episode "Ash vs. Misty! Duel on the coast" will see Ash and Misty face off against each other in a "fishing duel" and the third episode "Witch of the Forest", will see Ash reunited with Brock and Cilan (a character who joined Ash on his adventures in the Black & White anime).

The theme song for this arc "Aim to Be a Pokémon Master" is remake of the original Japanese opening from the 1997 anime series. You can hear it in the teaser of this new series below:

Ash's adventure will be followed by a brand new Pokémon anime - premiering in Japan on April 2023 and starring two new protagonists. You can learn more in our previous coverage.

How are you feeling about Ash and Pikachu's final chapter? Can you believe it's finally coming to an end? Comment below.

[source natalie.mu, via siliconera.com]