Update [Fri 30th Dec, 2022 06:00 GMT]: Bertil Hörberg has provided an update about his new game Onion Assault. It'll be arriving on the Switch eShop on 26th January 2023 for $7.99 / £7.19.

Original article [Tue 29th Nov, 2022 10:45 GMT]: Bertil Hörberg, the Swedish game developer who brought us the modern classic 3DS title Gunman Clive, has recently been showcasing Onion Assault, an upcoming platformer that looks to pay loving homage to Super Mario Bros. 2.

Based on the trailer above and the additional footage from Hörberg's below tweet, the game focuses on the ability to leap onto enemies heads and haul the beggars up into the air before chucking them at whatever you see fit. This also applies, of course, to various objects that you happen to come across on your journey, including - you guessed it - onions. Also, can we talk about how the foliage is seemingly bopping along to the music? Adorable!

The game may have, up until now, flown under your radar as it appears as though Hörberg is handling almost ever aspect of its development and release solely, citing in a previous tweet that leading a team has previously led to burn out. Having said that, the game is still the end result of a collaborative effort, with artwork led by Daniel Ribera Olsen and Felicia Hellsten, and music provided by Arne Hörberg.

Onion Assault has most recently been submitted for review on Steam and is currently on track to release on the Switch in January 2023. Judging from the delightful gameplay showcased in the trailer, this definitely looks like one to keep an eye on!

Onion Assault
Image: Hörberg Productions / Bertil Hörberg

Is this one you're looking to pick up come January? Let us know with a comment!

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