Sonic Prime
Image: SEGA, Netflix

Sonic isn't done for the year just yet! As you might recall, on 15th December, the new animated series Sonic Prime is launching on the streaming service Netflix.

It'll feature not only Sonic's crew (Tails, Amy and Knuckles), but also a few other characters like Shadow, Rouge and Big the Cat. It sees the whole gang going on a "high-octane adventure where the fate of a strange new multiverse rests in [Sonic's] gloved hands".

If you are eager to see the show before the scheduled launch date, Netflix will be holding an advanced preview of Season 1, Episode 1 in the free online multiplayer game Roblox (in Sonic Speed Simulator). It's got a 40-minute run time and will air every 45 minutes between the 10th - 16th of December in-game.

Although Roblox isn't available on the Nintendo Switch, there have been talks about the game coming to the hybrid platform in the future. Last May, Roblox Corporation CEO David Baszucki said it would make "perfect sense":

“… So absolutely long-term, Switch, PlayStation, Quest – all of these platforms make perfect sense for Roblox. What you’re seeing right now is an incredible focus on the phone by us, which we believe is an incredibly difficult form factor and the most difficult form factor for that immersion, but these are all logical platforms and at the same time, we won’t share any ship dates for them.”

Will you be hopping on Roblox to catch the first episode of Sonic Prime early? Tell us below.

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