Retro Goal
Image: New Star Games

Just as the World Cup really starts hotting up, New Star Games has announced that its arcade-inspired football sim, Retro Goal, will be following suit.

The studio has announced that a new tournament-based game mode will be kicking off in Retro Goal from today (13th December). What's more, this expansion is absolutely free! Much like the World Cup itself, this new 'Global Championship' mode is precisely what is says on the tin as you will be taking control of one of 32 different national teams in an attempt to take them all the way to the trophy.

The Global Championship mode kicked off on the game's mobile version earlier this week and has since been waiting for the all-clear flag from Nintendo. Now it has come to Switch and we can finally discover what an international competition would look like with England going just a little bit further...

There's a new batch of achievements in the update to boot, so there's no escape from the football mania until you have taken all teams to the very top. We had a great time with the base game (scoring it 8/10 in our review) so we are excited to see what this new formation brings.

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