A Link to the Past SNES
Image: Zion Grassl / Nintendo Life

When it comes to stone-cold classics like A Link to the Past, we have to ask how much content can there really be that we don't already know about? The answer, so it seems, is quite a lot actually.

For the past little while now, a Zelda fan by the name of @Dark_Linkael has been working their way through the prototype data for this classic series entry and the project has thrown up a lot of interesting discoveries from original sprites to a collectable Triforce. But perhaps the biggest find (at least physically) has been their work on pulling together all of the game's original interior room designs - dungeons and all.

While the layout can initially be a little confusing (it looks something like a magic-eye puzzle on first glance), another preservationist, @MrTalida, has placed the original and final designs together in a side-by-side comparison video. The results of this can be found below.

A closer inspection of the proto design reveals just how much of the game's final map was changed in the development period. From simple things like the changing shape of Hyrule Sanctuary in the top left of the image to the complete remodel of Misery Mire and substantial cuts made to the Ice Palace, if this original layout shows one thing, it's that quality dungeon design takes time.

@Dark_Linkael has discovered a whole lot more proto goodies in the search through the game's data, and we highly recommend checking out their Twitter account for the full round-up of everything that has been uncovered.

For now, at least, we guess it's time to dive into A Link to the Past once again...

What do you make of this Zelda find? Has it changed your favourite Link to the Past location? Let us know in the comments!

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