Image: James Turner, Pokémon

Pokémon designer and Sword & Shield Art Director James Turner might not be working with Game Freak anymore, but it seems he had some involvement with the new entries Pokémon Scarlet and Violet before he did leave the company.

In a post on social media, Turner revealed he actually designed the professors Sada (Scarlet) and Turo (Violet) in the new games. You know, the ones who caused quite a stir online when they were first revealed. He even shared his own illustration of them:

If you've played Scarlet and Violet, you'll already know how Professor Sada is associated with the past, while Professor Turo is all about the future. Here's a bit more about them from our guide:

"You might have already noticed these things just looking at Sada and Turo, but Sada is wearing cavewoman-like attire, and Turo is wearing a skintight bodysuit under that lab coat. Also, their names are pretty important! Sada comes from pasada, the Spanish word for past, while Turo comes from futuro, the Spanish word for future."

As for James Turner, he's now working on a new 2D & 3D project called The Plucky Squire:

What do you think of the new professor designs in Scarlet and Violet compared to past ones? Which one is in your game? Comment below.