We had a great time with Tinykin when it was released earlier this year. A strange mash-up of Pikmin and Paper Mario, the game ticked a lot of our Nintendo-focussed boxes on Switch and now developer Splashteam and publisher tinyBuild have announced that more trials await in the new Challenge Update.

The update is completely free and introduces the new Time-Attack Challenges to each of the game's zones. This mode will see you taking on new Hornet characters in a race around tricky courses to win some bonus fashion items for the protagonist, Milo.

There will be two different courses to tackle in each zone and the challenges will only be available to those who have fully completed the game already. The above trailer gives a pretty good idea of what the update has in store, but for some more details, check out the following from tinyBuild:

The Challenge Update is our gift to players who've seen everything in Tinykin, but are still hungry for more. After completing a room's main quest, you'll find a pair of new Hornet characters. Don't worry, they don't sting - they're far more interested in racing. Challenge them on the courses they've set up in Transidor, Sanctar, Foliana, Balnea, Ambrose, and Celerion (one short and one long course per zone), beat their gold medal times and celebrate with fashion! Plus, maybe some extra surprises for those going the extra mile and 100% completing Tinykin.

Tinykin is available to download from the Switch eShop right now, with the latest update coming absolutely free! If there was ever a good time to get in on some Pikmin X Paper Mario-inspired fun, we'd say it's probably about now.

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