It's safe to say that we all love Switch games, but you know what's better? Free Switch games. Fortunately, No Gravity Games is once again giving them out by the sack-load this December (if by 'sack-load' you mean a maximum of 12, that is) as a part of the '12 Games of Christmas' - hey, it's certainly one way of getting games out there.

The event began on 5th December and will run through until 16th December with a brand new game being made available for free on each day. It's also worth mentioning right off the bat that this offer only applies to North American eShop accounts.

In order to get involved and grab these 12 free titles, all that you need to do is have one game published by No Gravity Games downloaded on a North American Switch account and you will see the game of the day appear on the eShop with the 'sale' icon that we all dream of: '100% off'.

With a new free game announced each day, we will be updating the following list daily with all of the titles in the 12 Games of Christmas 2022:

The event works on a chain basis, so you can only get each day's free game by downloading the ones which have preceded it. No Gravity Games is putting each day's release on sale for the following 24 hours, so if you do happen to miss out a day but still want to get as many of the free games as possible, then you will be able to grab those you missed at a discounted price and keep the chain going.

Any game from the No Gravity Games library will make you eligible to begin the chain of freebies, including Pirates: All Aboard! which can be redeemed for free when signing up to the company's newsletter.

Further details can be found on the official No Gravity Games website.

What do you make of this offer? Is there any game that you hope to see appear? Let us know in the comments!