Among Us Hide N Seek
Image: InnerSloth LLC

There were announcements a-plenty at last night's Game Awards (no Tears of the Kingdom trailer, but we're totally fine about that) and even the masked Among Us team dropped in on the action to announce that a whole new game mode will be coming our way today (9th December)!

The Hide n Seek mode will take the classic concept of sneaking about behind your crew mates' backs to a whole new level as the singular killer will instead be sneaking about... in-front of their crew mates? Yep, this is hide and seek but with a whole lot more killing.

There is a lot more in the update besides the new game mode including new cosmetics and the ability to stroke your pets - you know, proper game-changing stuff. All of this is outlined by the new trailer that @AmongUsGame shared on Twitter.

But wait! We couldn't just move on from the announcement of 'new cosmetics' without delving a little deeper into what precisely will be afoot. Expect foul play by the bucket-load as Knives Out's Benoit Blanc (CSI KFC himself!) is added to the game as a new free skin on 13th December. Look, it might not be a collaboration that immediately sprang to our minds, but hey, we guess it's a good excuse to get ready for The Glass Onion's Netflix release.

The all-new Hide n Seek game mode is added from today. Get hiding, get seeking, get stroking those pets.

What do you make of this latest update? Make it to the comments undetected to let us know!