Lioncode Games has announced that its tactical turn-based roguelite Mech Armada will be dropping onto Switch tomorrow (8th December).

Billed as "Into the Breach meets X-Com", by way of a little Transformers we might add, this tactics game will see you building extravagently bulky mechs and then sending them into battle against an even bulkier humanity-threatening race called Swarm. The parts for these mechs look to be coming thick and fast, so whether you want to build a lean mean alien-fighting machine or the most hilariously impractical battlefield abomination, the choice is yours. Hey, you do you!

The turn-based battles then take place on a grid system with procedural environments meaning that there will be a fresh set of obstacles each time.

Releasing on Steam earlier this year to a number of positive reviews, we are interested to see what the Switch version can bring to the table. Games like Into the Breach have shown how this turn-based approach can work to big boomy robots, though Mech Armada's very different visual style runs the risk of looking a little more janky on the smaller console.

For some details on the game's features and a peek at some screens, check out the following from Lioncode Games:

Deep strategic combat: There are no perfect solutions. Create your own strategy by cleverly making the most out of your resources and the situation.
Design your own mech: With 80+ available Mech parts, you can create thousands of unique combinations. Each part has its own strengths and weaknesses, giving you an enormous range of possibilities.
Turn-Based combat: You can move into position and attack with each of your mechs, in any order. Then it's the Swarm's turn...
Procedurally generated: All the gameplay elements (monsters, maps, resources and rewards) are randomly combined and balanced ensuring no two battles are the same.
Roguelike campaign: Death means game over. Try again with an entirely new run, with new random parts and encounters. You'll have to make do with what you get!
Auto-save: Never worry about saving again. Leave your game at any point and return exactly where you left off.
Sandbox Mode: Wanting to try new tactics, Mech designs and strategies without risk? Head to the Sandbox. Practice your maneuvers, test unique loadouts and refine your strategies against The Swarm as you refine your tactics.
Environment variety: From the outskirts of destroyed cities, to desert wastelands, the Swarm spreads and the battle for survival rages on.
Epic bosses: They're massive, ugly and ridiculously tough. Are you up to the task?

We don't have long to wait before we can see how the game runs, as Mech Armada lands on Switch tomorrow for £17.99 / €19.99 / $19.99 and is currently available to pre-order on the eShop with a nice 20% discount.

Will you be giving Mech Armada a go? Build your thoughts in the comments below!